Services from us as your sourcing agent

We are a top sourcing agent in Bali with many years of experience. We provide the expertise to meet the growing demands in the hotel industry. We have successfully accomplished many projects from private luxury villas to prestigious resorts all around the world. We always provide top quality service that meets all the requirements of our customers. Our services as an expert sourcing agent can assist you in all the stages of your project:

Project Development


We help you in the search of your product needs and wishes, evaluating the best possible solutions for your projects.

Design assistance

We monitor the production stage in order to meet the required specifications of the order. Project Management


Product identification and research for the right manufacturer to produce at the best price.

Quality Control

We ensure the production quality control is compliant with the customer’s specifications.


we understand the utmost importance of delivery schedules. In accordance with the manufacturing period, quantities and finishing, we guarantee a regular report on the processing of yours orders.

Project Management

Documentation & Supervision

we draft the documents needed to clear the goods and hand them over to the carrier, with the final report of your order (account status, photos and product references) NB: We supervise the loading and routing of the container to your port of destination. We can also offer a list of freight forwarders that can help your transportation, insurance and the entry of goods to your port of destination. We will also advise you on the cost as well as helping you contact the forwarder to facilitate the dispatch of the finished products.

Project Monitoring


We keep a record of all our transactions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to reorder. We are not a wholesaler or retailer. As your sourcing agent, we put you in touch with the manufacturers without intermediaries.

You have your own providers?

We can work with them and offer a quality control department with a variety of on-demand services.


Send us the details of your project

Extra Services

We handle special requests for dispatch eq labelling, personalized packaging, special packaging, sorting and preparation of orders for you. These services are extras and rates vary depending on the request but may avoid often handling in the country of destination.

Our remuneration

Our remuneration is a commission of 15% of the total invoice in Indonesia, paid by the client at the end of your mission. Although our mission stops at the shipping stage, we take no commission on freight.

Our rates

We do guarantee that we will provide the best rates / suppliers we can find. Our rates depend on the product, quality requested, size and materials. As soon as we will agree with the quotation will send you a proforma invoice and wait for the 1st down payment transfer (50%) to place the order.

How to pay

By SWIFT (bank transfer).

The first instalment is 50% of the price of the goods. This amount will be paid, by us, directly to the manufacturer as an advance deposit confirming the order. The balance will be paid after quality control and verification of conformity of the requested specifications and approved by the client.

Our commission will be paid after shipment of the goods in exchange for the documents.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all our clients.

Our offices are open from 09 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.